With this journal, we attempt to improve the quality of life for this problematic human species.

   It’s a big job. We don’t know where to begin.
   Frankly, we fear the powerful anti-human forces that prevail here on Earth, and would prefer not to draw the attention of their incendiary selves to our humble person.
   Perhaps there is a way to find a voice and do as much of one’s duty as one can without offending the antihuman powers. Perhaps to gently criticize the bad and gracefully applaud the good. To say, “Good job, you pro-human soul lights!” and, “Gee, you anti-human rascals why don’t you please lighten up on the humans, if you don't mind.”
   We want life. In our view, wars and political murders are antithetical to a pro-human approach. The existence of a nuclear bomb is antithetical to life.

   And so forth.

   The present world has strong anti-human forces. Against such forces, we don’t know how to make manifest this pro-human reality.

The best we can do is to offer to try to do at least some part of our duty, as we see it, and to make the work an offering to God, and letting God take care of the outcome.

   Our purpose is to take our place in the college of writers, in the tradition of writers.



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